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Poetry Reading in Christchurch

Last Saturday, a group of poets from Wimborne Writing Group read some of their poems at the open air gathering, ‘Poetry Jamboree’, at the Red House Museum in Christchurch. This was an enjoyable occasion and it was great to have a chance to air our own writing, and to hear other poets read theirs. The museum gardens are gorgeous. We were very lucky with the weather which has taken a real turn for the worse since then. But I love Autumn, so I don’t mind rain and storms!

Also on Saturday, we discovered a strange creature in our garden – it seemed like a caterpillar but larger than I’ve ever seen before and scary in appearance, with markings that looked like huge eyes on its head! Research on the internet revealed that it is an elephant hawk moth caterpillar. If it survives the winter it could turn into a beautiful pink and green moth.

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