Sarah Barr

Writer, poet and teacher


I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction and have been published in a wide range of magazines and anthologies. I write about anything but am especially interested in our relationships with each other and with the environment.

Sarah Barr

I read English (at London University) which I enjoyed.  I found this study of our language and literature a brilliant and, eventually, very useful foundation for my own creative writing.

I trained and worked as a counsellor and this background has been invaluable for my writing and for my teaching. I also have an MA in Writing, an MSc in Sociology and Social Policy and a post-graduate teaching qualification.

Now, I teach Creative Writing in Dorset and for the Open University (as Sarah Steele).

I started Wimborne Writing Group 17 years ago and this class is flourishing and includes many published writers and those who have gone on to study for higher degrees in creative writing

I am currently working on short story and poetry collections. I have completed a novel, and am writing my second.

I like travelling (cycle, train, boat, plane etc!), sitting in cafes, and hoping to hear something interesting which will inspire a story or poem! I also find inspiration in art, music and the work of other writers.

I’m experienced at leading groups, running writing workshops, and one-to-one help for writers of fiction and poetry. I have trained as a coach and offer coaching sessions and mentoring to people involved in the creative arts, particularly writers. I am a member of The Society of Authors.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Lovely page, Sarah. Can thoroughly recomend your teaching.

  2. Really pleased to have found your blog via Gail Aldwin. Enjoying reading my way through your pages and posts.

  3. Judy Manville on said:

    Sarah – I’ve was just thinking about you and how much I miss Wimborne Writers – googled you and here you are – and blow me down, Roses for You… Lovely. ‘ll be back Love JudyXX

  4. Justine Andrews on said:

    Many thanks from another grateful student!

  5. Sarah Barr on said:

    Nice to see this……from the second Sarah Barr!!

  6. Found you via Gail Aldwin’s blog. You taught me on my first OU course in creative writing. Thank you! Went on to get a first in humanities with creative writing and now have my own weekly column in The People’s Friend magazine after the editor found my blog.

  7. Alison Short on said:

    Hello Sarah.
    My retired mum who is fairly newly living in Wimborne would love to know more about your Writing Group as she herself enjoys writing poetry and this would be a wonderful way for her to also meet new friends .
    Her name is Linda Smyth .
    Thank you for your reply Sarah,
    kind regards .
    Alison .

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