Sarah Barr

Writer, poet and teacher

Short Fiction

My stories have appeared in literary and more commercial magazines, and in anthologies including: ‘The Cinnamon Review of Short Fiction 2018′; Momaya Short Story Review 2015’;  ‘Wooing Mr Wickham’ (Honno Press); ‘The Yellow Room’; ‘Woman’s Weekly’; ‘QWF’; ‘The Lady’; ‘Woman’; ‘Best’.

My short fiction has won and been shortlisted in competitions including Momaya, The Jane Austen Short Story Award, The Yellow Room, Frome Prize.

I often gain inspiration for stories while I’m travelling on train, bus or plane, while overhearing people talk, viewing a work of art, or reading other writers’ fiction or poetry. I enjoy the whole process of writing, re-writing and crafting short fiction whether it’s a flash of a few hundred words or a longer piece of several thousand.  I’m interested in seeing how stories may link or characters appear in more than one story.

The many short story authors who inspire me include Katherine Mansfield,  Alice Munro, Raymond Carver, William Trevor, Lorrie Moore and Lydia Davis …



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