Sarah Barr

Writer, poet and teacher


To contact Sarah, please email:
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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Alex Womack on said:

    is the Wimborne writing group still in existence? if it is – on what day and at what time, please

  2. June Drake on said:

    I would love to have read the Frogmore winning poem on their website.

  3. Vivienne Haskell on said:

    Hi, Can you please email me some details of your group in Wimborne please?

    • Hi Vivienne
      Thanks for your enquiry about Wimborne Writing Group. We meet monthly on Wednesdays for a seminar/workshop led by me. Although both morning and afternoon groups are currently full and there is a waiting list, if you could email me some more details about yourself and your writing we can go on from there. Thanks, Sarah

  4. Greetings Sarah – I chanced upon your site today … I’ve occasionally thought about trying my hand at creative writing but have never really had the opportunity up to press. My question is whether you think it’s best to simply do some research and then dive in, or instead to take a more structured approach, attending your class or course and building from that point ? Your views appreciated, and might I ask you to add me to the waiting list for the Wimborne group please.

    Many thanks, Martyn

    • Thanks for your message, Martyn. I think you need to actually start writing and also join a group or class for support and to learn more. There are lots of writing groups as well as Adult Education classes and Open University beginners creative writing courses. Wimborne Writing Group is for writers who have some experience of writing, though not necessarily published writers. So perhaps gain some creative writing experience and then get back to me? Good luck with your writing and I hope you enjoy it. Sarah

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