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Members of Wimborne Writing Group have published novels, poetry, plays (which have also been performed), short fiction and various forms of non-fiction. Two members have gone on to achieve MAs, and two members completed PhDs – all in Creative Writing. I started teaching creative writing in 2001 and then established Wimborne Writing Group from these classes in 2006. Wimborne Writing Group is a collective of dedicated and talented writers most of whom have succeeded in being published during their time in the group.

Currently we meet monthly on Wednesdays at Clarcs which is the Community Learning & Resource Centre in King Street, Wimborne. If you are interested in joining please contact Sarah Steele at Clarcs or post a message on this site.


  1. Dom jessopp says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Just wondered if group was still running? I’ve been interested in writing for quite some time now. New year new start.



    1. sarahbarr1 says:

      Hi Dom
      Wimborne Writing Group is flourishing! We meet monthly on Wednesdays. There are no places available at present but please do get in touch with me again in a few months if you are still interested. Sarah

      1. Dom Jessopp says:

        Thanks Sarah,
        I will try then but please keep me in mind should a place become available.

        Many thanks


      2. sarahbarr1 says:

        Hi Dom
        You would be very welcome to call in at Black Pug Books, Wimborne to see me on Friday 31st Jan 10-1pm if you would like to discuss your writing. Please let me know.

      3. Kathryn Steven says:

        Hi Sarah,

        I may be moving to Wimborne in months to come and would be very interested to hear more about and join this group….is it still going? Thanks, Kathryn

      4. sarahbarr1 says:

        Hi Kathryn
        Thanks for your message and, yes, Wimborne Writing Group is alive and flourishing! During the pandemic lockdown we have been meeting on zoom but I hope face-to-face classes will resume before too long. I will email you directly with some details.

  2. Finola Brennan says:

    Hello Sarah
    I believe I met you at the Blandford literary festival poetry evening. Is your group open to new members, if so when do you meet? Do you also run a poetry group?
    Kind Regards

  3. sarahbarr1 says:

    Hi Finola
    Wimborne Writing Group is open to new members, when we have a space. I also lead a Poetry Society Stanza group in Wimborne. I’d be happy to meet and talk about these groups and I will contact you soon.
    I believe I did meet you at Blandford Lit Fest when I came to the poetry reading.
    I will be doing a writer-in-residence slot at Black Pug Books on Friday 31st Jan 10-1pm – would you be able to call in?

  4. Nigel Dyer says:

    Hi Sarah
    I am looking to join a poetry group,
    Are you still running, have any places
    Kind regards
    Nigel Dyer

    1. Sarah Barr says:

      Hi Nigel
      Thanks for your message. There may be a place available in the Poetry Society Stanza group that I run. I have sent you a personal message.

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Is your group running face to face currently?

    If so, when and where please?



    1. Sarah Barr says:

      Hi Hannah
      Yes, my writing groups are meeting in-person monthly on Wednesdays in Wimborne.

      1. Thanks Sarah, can see the address now, what times on a Wednesday please?



      2. Sarah Barr says:

        Hi Hannah
        Thanks very much for your interest in the writing groups. If you would like to send me an email to: sarahbarrwriter@gmail.com with any questions you may have about the groups then I will send a more detailed reply. Sarah

  6. Anne-Marie Stone says:

    Hi I will be moving house in February near to Wimborne and would like to join the Writers Group. Are there any vacancies in the group? I’m currently struggling with a 40,000 word book for middle grade children

    1. Sarah Barr says:

      Hi Anne-Marie
      Thanks for your interest in the writing group. There may be a place available next year and if you’d like to email me at sarahbarrwriter@gmail.com I will give you more details. Thanks!

  7. Eleanor Wallace says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I was advised to get in contact with you. I’m looking to join a local poetry stanza and was wondering if there were any spaces available in the Wimborne group?

    Best wishes

  8. Stur Poet says:

    Hi. Does your writing group meet still? I’m very active in the Twitter #WritingCommunity and would be interested in engaging with an offline group too.

    Many thanks,

    Stur Poet

    1. Sarah Barr says:

      Thanks for your message. Yes, Wimborne Writing Group is active – there are 2 groups and we meet in-person for classes once a month. You could contact me privately at: sarahbarrwriteratgmail.com

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