We are all going from one place to another. At a recent Wimborne Writing Group meeting we talked about journeys – actual, physical journeys, and the journey as a metaphor for life.

I asked everyone to draw a map of a journey they took as a child. Just a basic diagram but including important features. Some people drew a diagram of their journey from home to school, or to the shop, or from home to a holiday destination.

It was amazing how memories about childhood were revived by using this pictorial form of recording, rather than words.
You don’t have to be a good artist to do it, either!
Try it.

When I look at the poems I’ve written, many of them involve a journey.

It’s commonplace now to talk about the ’emotional journey’ of a character. I heard it on the news recently about a sports person.

Thinking about the journey from one place to another, from one understanding to another, from the beginning of life to the end … As writers, this can help us with plot and character development.

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