Coaching Skills Course

I’ve completed my course in Coaching Skills and now I am an accredited (relational dynamic) coach! I will be looking for coaching opportunities with individuals, particularly writers and those working in the creative arts or in health care settings. It’s been an intensive time at the Free Word Centre in London working with a wonderful group led by excellent trainers, Deb Barnard and Anne Caldwell. I’ve been learning the theory, practising coaching with great enthusiasm, reflecting on what I’ve learned, and I’m so glad to have passed at the end! My head is spinning but I’m looking forward to developing my skills.  I’ll be using my learning straight away with all those writers in the groups I lead. 

Another wonderful aspect of the course has been the help I’ve received with my own writing – through being coached by other members of the group. I’m fired up to get on with my novel. The first things is to count how many characters are milling about in it, just to check that there aren’t  too many! When will I do this? Today!

To link with the theme of some previous posts: this has been an emotional and intellectual  journey for me – inspiring and  challenging. Now I need to draw breath and sort out my ideas!

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