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Poetry from Art

I’ve written before about how any painting (or other work of art) could inspire a poem or story. There are many ways of doing this: staying closely with the piece of art, describing it; imagining, perhaps developing, the story in the picture; imagining the artist at work; moving away from the work of art to make a connection with something or someone else …
I recently discovered an online poetry anthology, And Other Poems, where a poem is added every few days. This is an eclectic and interesting collection – well worth following. Today’s offering is, ‘Vermeer’s Milk Maid’ by Esther Morgan. This poem briefly describes the picture – the ‘ribbon of milk’ and ‘belly of the pitcher’ -and then moves on to more personal and reflective ideas. I admire the stillness and feeling of balance that this poem conveys.

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2 thoughts on “Poetry from Art

  1. Hi Sarah and thank you for mentioning ‘And Other Poems’, my uncluttered poetry blog. Interestingly, there are two other poems in the blog also inspired by paintings; C. Murrays ‘i and the Village’ (after the Chagall painting of the same name) and Karen McCarthy Woolf’s ‘Tasting Note for Grief #17’ (after Do Ho Suh’s ‘Staircase 3’).

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