Trees on Lewesdon Hill

The poetry reading and launch of ‘South 47’ a week ago at Bournemouth Library went extremely well with a large and appreciative audience. The library was a great place for a reading.

I read some of my poems, including the one posted here.

If you want to send your poems for consideration for South 48 you will need to act quickly as the deadline is in just a few days – May 31st. See the South website (in my last post) for details of how to submit.

Trees on Lewesdon Hill

They flourish in what we call silence –
rain-clatter, wind-sough,
plant-rustle, path-crunch
and high-spirited hawk cry.

Grown, like us, from star-dust,
they take only rain, air, sunlight.

They are guardians of the landscape,
and give us a sense of safety.

They are characters in a tableau
who don’t walk the undulating path
but seem destined to watch over

folded fields of lime, rose, amber,
hedges, copses, the bowl of the sky.

Sarah Barr

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