Story Traders

I had a great time last week leading a poetry workshop for Story Traders in Bridport. I enjoyed meeting this lovely group of dedicated and interesting writers. I brought a bag of mystery objects – no, not just the contents of my handbag! – and we used them for inspiration and to get started with writing something new.

We met in a very nice room at the Beach and Barnicott restaurant opposite the Arts Centre in Bridport.

We looked at haiku and poems by William Carlos Williams. There was plenty of time for everyone to read their writing aloud and to get feedback from the group.

I read two of my poems – one more ‘finished’ than the other – and I talked about how I start writing, what sort of aspects I think about when developing and re-writing my work, and what sort of subjects compel me to write.

The time passed all too quickly and I’m hoping to run another poetry workshop soon with Story Traders.

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