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Writer, poet and teacher

Black Pug Books

‘I’ve wanted to have this sort of bookshop for 20 years,’ Victoria Sturgess confided when I visited her at Black Pug Books in Wimborne last week . ‘I’d always wanted a place with a homely, friendly atmosphere’. She offered me a cup of tea and I settled into an exceptionally comfortable sofa and gazed around, admiring her fabulous wall-to-wall collection of out-of-print books. ‘I want people to come and enjoy the books,’ she said. I could have stayed all day.

I love books and although I do read on screen, agree with Victoria that this is a different experience from feeling a good quality book in your hand, reading the printed page, smelling the paper and ink.

Black Pug Books opened in October this year at The Old Gallery, 24 West Borough, Wimborne, BH21 1NF. It offers out-of-print books on all subjects. Opening times are: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm. Victoria may open out of hours to visitors by special request.

People mainly come by word of mouth recommendation and the business is already thriving.

Unsurprisingly, Victoria set up the bookshop because of her ‘sheer love of books’. She is especially drawn to those illustrated with woodcuts, also fiction and non-fiction about World War One. So when these volumes turn up they may not always find their way onto the ‘for sale’ shelves!

Victoria will also search for particular books for clients.

I recommend a visit to Black Pug Books but allow time for this as it may be difficult to drag yourself away!

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5 thoughts on “Black Pug Books

  1. This sounds great, Sarah. I hope to be able to get there next time I’m in Wimborne on the relevant day.

  2. This sounds great, Sarah. I hope to be able to visit next time I’m in Wimborne on the relevant day.

  3. Thanks, Beryl. The bookshop is well worth a visit. I have my eye on a collection of poetry by T.S.Eliot!

  4. Cannot agree more. I have bought all my family christmas presents from the lovely Victoria. Makes such a difference to the modern, transient landfill alternative at christmas. I have spent a splendid few hours handpicking personal choices for each family member, who I know will LOVE each thought-laden book!!! It is a real must visit!! lovely cup of tea too, by the way.

  5. fr luke on said:

    This is a very special place. Victoria made us (especially my guide dog) so very welcome. Her hospitality was wonderful and there was absolutely no pressure to buy anything! Here was a sincere joy of books shared with newly made friends, coming together in a lovely house, one room of which just happens to be a bibliophile’s dream! The prices were very well pitched and we were thoroughly delighted with our purchases. Above gold standard, she deserves to do really well.

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