Midsummer and covid19

The sun is shining (as it has done for much of lockdown) and restrictions are easing so midsummer has brought us light in many ways. The threat of covid is still everywhere and we are hoping for tests, treatments and vaccinations – and all these seem possible. Despite the terrible news, there have been some good things about the situation. Some people have been able to rest and take more exercise. The air has been cleaner, the stars shone more brightly. I’ve been able to join in with so many festivals and gettogethers while not leaving home! I’ve been amazed by how wonderful some of the talks and events have been: Ali Smith did a thoughtful and restorative talk with beautiful visuals as part of the Hay festival; David Spiegelhalter was fascinating on statistics, also at Hay. Lemn Sissay  gave an amazing and inspiring talk about his writing for a Society of Authors online event. He said there are two things a writer must do: 1.write and 2. look after their emotional state and wellbeing. ‘Afternoon Tea with Roger McGough’ was another brilliant Society of Authors webinar. Roger McG said it took him years to find the balance between the lighthearted and the serious in his writing. What a treat to be invited into a poet’s home and see and listen to him. I hope these wonderful events that are so accessible for everyone wherever they live and whatever their physical abilities will be a feature of the future even when we have come out of our long isolation.

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