Silver Linings

There are positives even during a terrible pandemic – chatting with family and friends on the phone, or on screen, or outside in a garden, drinking coffee in the sunshine, going for a walk even if it’s drizzling. Not going shopping much is a positive for the environment (and should theoretically save time but I can’t say I’ve noticed!).  I’ve called in at our local bookshop several times recently, and I’m so glad it has reopened. I’ve been supporting local businesses by shopping online.

I was delighted to learn that one of my poems has been shortlisted in the Frogmore poetry competition and will appear in the next issue of The Frogmore Papers. I’m pleased to be included alongside 7 marvellous poets some of whose work I know a little such as Wendy Klein and Chloe Balcomb and to get to know the writing of other poets such as Ron Scowcroft whose poem won, and Simon Maddrell. I won’t list everyone here because they can be seen on the Frogmore page. I’m going to enjoy browsing through the work of these poets.

My poem ‘Silver Linings’ appeared in The New European this week (pub. last Thursday) and I’m trying to stay with its hope, and thankfulness for all dedicated frontline workers, this week despite some gloomy headlines.


  1. Ruth Blaug says:

    Phew, Sarah, Frogmore, FAME

  2. sarahbarr1 says:

    Thank you, Ruth! Hope you are well.

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