What Next?

Who knows what will be next although it seems certain that Covid 19 will be with us for many more months. The pandemic has brought terrible losses all over the world so I’m not going to offer trite reassurances or advice. I can only do my best to weather the situation.

On a brighter note, though many writers and poets are finding it hard to write or even impossible, others are discovering more space for for their writing. I’ve been sorting and rewriting my work over the last few months – these tasks can be therapeutic!

I’m pleased to have one of my poems in the ‘What Next?’ summer anthology 2020 published by Dempsey & Windle alongside many other poets including Trisha Broomfield, Oz Hardwick, Belinda Singleton and Jackie Morris. I like anthologies and find it refreshing to read different voices and very different styles of work. It’s a bonus when there’s a theme, as in this case,  loosely holding the poems together. A nice small book available from the D&W website.

Another of my poems has been highly commended in the Charroux prize for poetry competition – thanks to Charroux lit fest and judge Matt Bryden. Like so many literary festivals the Charroux in France was cancelled this year but I’d love to escape to it when it returns, hopefully next year.



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