I’m delighted that my poetry pamphlet, ‘January’, is to be published by Maytree Press next month. The very attractive cover is by artist Richard Clare.

Maytree is a fabulous indie publisher, established by David Coldwell two years ago and going from strength to strength with some excellent poets – so I’m in very good company!

More about this soon.


  1. Ruth Blaug says:

    Sarah, you are getting so famous and successful. I hope you won’t get too grand for us mortals…I’ve lost your address, can you believe and can’t find it on address finder, please could you send it again. Rx

  2. Barbara Meredith says:

    I’d like to receive a reminder when your book is available please?

    1. sarahbarr1 says:

      Hi Barbara, If you go to the Maytree site you will see details when my book is available. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Mary Bevan says:

    Congratulations Sarah.

    1. sarahbarr1 says:

      Thanks, Mary. Hope you’re keeping well.

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